I’m Brandon.

I’m a product manager & strategist, music producer/snob, writer, husband, tinkerer, caffeine addict, and new homeowner. I live and work in rural central Massachusetts.

tone deaf // color blind is my blog where I mainly write about working in tech, living in nature, pursuits of creativity & bettering myself in the face of weird mental blocks. You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Bandcamp.

I fell into a stable career — technology product management — by accident/luck/privilege. I have a BS in Music Technology from Northeastern University, and in an effort to make money, I landed a gig at a music startup doing customer support, which eventually evolved into a product role. It took me a while, but now I love understanding the very human psychology behind people’s problems, and building products to solve them and I’m deeply grateful for what got me here.

Things I can help out with

  • Product strategy
  • Prioritization & noise reduction
  • Product discovery & user research
  • Process improvement for agile teams
  • Music production & songwriting

Check my LinkedIn for examples of me doing these things, and quotes from others who think I did them well.

More on me, if you care

I started playing classical piano at the age of 4, which naturally led to my curiosity for sound and the vastly different ways it can be made. I gave up on piano (temporarily) at age 13 and picked up a few different instruments instead, starting with the bass guitar. I also started songwriting around then, both playing in bands (including Bushwhack, a previous incarnation of cine-metal act Earthside) and exploring my own ideas. Some of the musicians I’ve collaborated with include Earthside, hip hop producer t. agency, DJs The WIG & Panooc, avant-garde singer and dancer Mary Esther Carter, among others.


I write and record solo. I’ve released 4 albums of mostly alternative pop music (Kid Lightbulb, Bedtime Rituals, You Know I and Sleepwalker) and a short collection of piano music (Post-Midnight).

Past works

I’ve also composed weirder stuff, like a theme & variations showcasing the bass guitar, and an electroacoustic piece comprised entirely of sounds from doors and voices.

Socialist Salesmen — vocals, guitar, songwriting (rock)

Variations on a Lonely Theme, for 5-string electric bass & live electronics

Music behind closed doors, digital audio

Post-Midnight, for solo piano

traffic circle, Jamaica Spain, for piano & digital audio