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Dear Medium, I have a product thought for you.

Dear Medium, I have a product thought for you.

Do you have the ability to track which articles I’ve read or not? I’m pretty sure you can, since the Stats page exists. If so, could you not show posts I’ve already read in “My Top Stories?” Maybe in a new section called “recently viewed” instead?

If I’ve already read an entire post, why would I want to read it again? Or is this purely for validation that I read a popular/trending post? With all the repetitive, fake-inspirational pop writing on this site, the last thing I want to do is continue seeing literally the exact same posts every day.

For example, I’ve seen this one now 3 days in a row within the first five posts on my feed:

(Chosen for dramatic effect.) I read this, and I even liked it enough to recommend it. Why am I still seeing it? I have to imagine there’s more writing on this site than the tiny bit I’m actually seeing — so maybe this is a tiny start.

Thanks for (maybe) listening!


Brandon Green

Product guy from north of Boston

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